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Product Demos


Posted over 4 years ago

RED® 3-Axis Lens Control System

The RED® 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM is a turn-key wireless lens control kit for driving focus, iris and zoom. This system includes the RED T.H.C. (TACTICAL HAND CONTROLLER), RED W.M.D. (WIRELESS MOTOR DRIVER), and 3x RED LENS CONTROL MOTORS that can fit both 19mm and 15mm rail systems. For ultra-quiet, high-torque lens control, the RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM delivers a complete solution that features rotating a drive cable connector, interchangeable mounting brackets, and swappable drive gears (0.8mm gears included). With its modular design and tool-less installation, the RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM delivers precise lens control capability for any setup or configuration.

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+1 Adaptor Module

Posted over 5 years ago

The +1 ADAPTOR MODULE mounts onto the back of a DSMC brain and features an EVF/LCD port for adding an additional RED® display. Also included is an AUX power port for 4-pin 3rd party accessories. Sean, Nate, Dan and Beth demonstrate the +1 Monitor Adaptor in action.

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Posted about 6 years ago

REDMOTE® pairing, operation, and range are all covered in this video tutorial, giving you an in-depth look at one of our most sophisticated modules. Discover just how far your REDMOTE can take you—and how far you can take your REDMOTE. No golf cart or skateboard required.

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Quick Release System

Posted about 7 years ago

RED® puts “quick” back in Quick Release. Learn how RED has advanced the art in rapid camera handling. This instructional video describes the entire RED Pro Quick Release System, its operation and advantages.

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