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RED Collective: Scott B.S. Choi

February 03, 2017

RED Collective: Scott B.S. Choi

Scott B.S. Choi rocketed onto the global scene as the man behind the lens of the music video sensation Psy’s Gangnam Style. Through his collaboration with Psy and other top Korean popular music (K-pop) acts, including Rain and BigBang, Scott has played an integral role in the movement known as “Hallyu”—a term used to describe Korean culture’s meteoric rise in worldwide popularity.

In this RED Collective, Scott shares the steps he takes to immerse himself in each project and where he draws inspiration from throughout the creative process. Watch as Scott discusses his happiest moment on set and how switching to RED cameras changed his perspective on digital image capture.

Scott uses his RED WEAPON 6K to capture music videos and commercials in Korea. Visit Scott’s Vimeo account to see more of his work.