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RED Congratulates Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn for Last Night’s VMA Wins

August 31, 2015

RED Congratulates Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn on VMA Wins

During last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift took home top honors for videos Blank Space and Bad Blood. Taylor’s videos have reached a new level of cinematic value through her regular collaboration with Director Joseph Kahn and DP Christopher Probst. Shot on WEAPON®, Blank Space and Bad Blood provided the world with some of the first glimpses of RED’s newest camera’s capabilities.

Bad Blood won the coveted “Video of the Year” award as well as "Best Collaboration” for Taylor’s work with Kendrick Lamar. Blank Space—viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube—took home awards for "Best Female Video” and “Best Pop Video.”

Helping Taylor accept the award for “Best Female Video,” Joseph Kahn focused on thanking the people that made the production possible.

“Jarred Land at RED Camera [sic] who provides the most amazing cameras that we get these great images with."

Taylor Swift debuted the trio’s most recent collaboration, Wildest Dreams, during the VMA Preshow last night. Also shot on WEAPON, the video is a stunning cinematic piece that captures sweeping views of an African Safari. Less than 24 hours after its release, the video already has over 6 million views.

RED congratulates Taylor Swift, Joseph Kahn, Christopher Probst, as well as all of the evening’s winners. RED is proud to help innovators break through to new creative levels and looks forward to the future of music video production.