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This collection is comprised of all the crucial gear necessary to sustain an accelerated RED workflow. Mount one of your 4x 64GB REDMAG® 1.8" SSD cards into your RED STATION 1.8" and watch as your RED ROCKET® expedites transcode times and provides real-time R3D playback.

When you’re prepared to back-up your media, simply insert a 2.5" SSD drive into your RED STATION 2.5" SSD and copy your media to a reliable source with no moving parts. The RED Media Management Collection provides you with the tools you need to streamline your workflow, letting you spend more time cutting and less time waiting. RED Media Pack Case is included.

NOTE: Using a RED ROCKET with a new Mac Pro (Late 2013 model or later) may interrupt audio playback and slow down data transfer rates for both Ethernet and Thunderbolt. These issues do not occur with earlier models of the Mac Pro.


SKU#: COL-0124


Regulated Item


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Applicable for most European countries